Adjustable Elastic Bands

Adjustable Elastic Bands

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Regular elastic bands loose their elasticity pretty quickly! 

You also have to replace much sooner once they stretch out!

The problem?
There’s no “perfect measurement for everyone.” Guessing can cause the regular band to be too tight and unwearable for some, and making them too big makes them ineffective.


The solution?

ADJUSTABLE BANDS! You can adjust the length of the band to be looser or tighter, and once it becomes too loose due to being stretched out, you can tighten it again! No more guessing what measurements to send for your ideal tightness ! 

You can purchase our adjustable elastic bands to add an extra level of security and make sure your wigs stay in place!  

***These are sewn onto any CUSTOM WIG SERVICE***

Feel free to purchase some so that you can replace it when the time comes! 

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