Hair Tips

How Many Bundles Do I Need?

Do you like your hair thick, full, or thin? Although personal preferences will determine your final answer, there is general rule of thumb for how many bundles you need. Keep in mind the amount of bundles you need can vary from company to company. Some companies have fuller bundles than others and the curl pattern will play a part in the fullness you want. Here is a key you can use for a full install: 
 8 - 14 inches  :  2 bundles
 16 - 24 inches   :  3 bundles
 26 - 30 inches : 4 bundles 

What products should I use on my wig/bundles?

Sulfate FREE is your best friend when trying to preserve the life of your bundles or wigs! You don't want anything too harsh and you want something that conditions them and deposits moisture back into the hair cuticles. This will help tremendously in giving them a luster, making them look brand new again and in helping the hair last even longer.

Nothing restores over-bleached or severely damaged hair due to poor care, or lack of knowledge. Always let professionals color your hair. You can easily damage or over-process your bundles/wigs just like you can on your own hair, so treat them with delicacy, and they will stand the test of time!


How often should I wash my wig/bundles?

This question depends on your lifestyle! Do you sweat a lot? Have a flaky scalp? Use lots of oils, leave-in conditioners, curl creams, heat protectants etc?? Well the more products you put into the hair the more often you need to wash it, at least every 2 weeks should suffice. However the less you need to wash your bundles/wigs the longer they last! The key to LONG lasting hair? Minimum manipulation!


What if my lace starts to bald, should I get a whole new wig?

Of course not! You can always REPLACE the lace closure or frontal on a custom unit and you can cut out the lace on a manufactured wig and make it into a U-Part or half wig. Here at The Blissful Collection we also offer closure and frontal replacement services!