Once I order Bundles or a Pre-Made Lace Wig, what is the shipping time? 
Once you place your order we will email confirmation. All hair orders take 1-2 days to process and 5-7 business days for shipping. Any orders that request customization may need 3-5 additional business days. The order is placed once funds are received, If you need your hair or unit by a certain date please order in advance. BUSINESS days DO NOT include holidays, or weekends. 
Once I order a Luxury Custom Unit, what is the shipping time? 
All custom units are First Paid, First Made. I do not place you in line until the funds and hair are received. Luxury Custom Units require 10-14 BUSINESS DAYS to process and ship.
I ordered a Luxury Custom Unit, now what?
The MOST IMPORTANT step is to provide the measurements shown below, EMAIL them with your ORDER NUMBER AS THE SUBJECT.
It is very important that you send the right measurements so your wig is made on the appropriate canvas head. If you fall on a 1/2 inch, round up! In the event no measurements are sent within 72 hours, we will use a 22" canvas head. Once the construction of your unit begins any changes or requests in size cannot be accommodated. Remember, you have 72 hours to send in your measurements!
I have my own hair for you to make a custom unit with, what's next?
I HIGHLY ADVISE you to pay for insurance and/or request a tracking number for any item you are mailing to us. We cannot be responsible for the delivery of, or any damage to, your item. Once mailed we will confirm delivery by sending a picture of your shipment. You may send hair to our mailing address below: 
PO BOX 24658 Fort Worth, TX 76124